10/06 Dictee Post

October 13th, 2010

“You see the color the hue the same you see the shape the form the same you see the unchangeable and the unchanged the same you smell filtered edited through progress and westernization the same you see the numerals and innumerables bonding overlaid the same speech, the same” (Cha 57).

This passage has rhythm, and I found it to be a great example of Cha’s style. This is what grammatically would be called a run-on sentence, also notice that it lacks any punctuation. Reading it out loud for the first time, one becomes nervous about whether or not we’ll have enough breath to finish it, but the words she uses are short and easy to pronounce, allowing us to continue reading while taking small breaths  without even realizing it. This is due to what I would denominate as a rhythmic order, which is attained through repetition, particularly of “the same”, correlating substantives  (i.e.numerals) to its adjectives (i.e. innumerables), using synonyms that have the same amount of syllables (i.e. shape, form), all to convey  feeling.

I felt asphyxiated, bombarded by ideas, rushed to think quickly, to dismiss the past and accept the immediate… This passage is like being inside someone’s head, no, this book in general is like being inside someone’s head, and this passage evidences such theme. I personally enjoyed the poetic presence of this vastly non-prose text. I think that without the rhythm behind every word reading this book would have been tedious to read.

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