11/3 The Kiss Response

November 9th, 2010

“… these nowheres and notimes are the only home we have.”

Indeed,¬†The Kiss is a book that is hard to relate to for its dealings with incest- I had to put it down several times though it can be read in a day- ¬†until I decided to focus on other themes, such as that of undergoing a loss. Phrases like the one stated above allowed me to bypass the crudeness of the primary content and focus on what perhaps others find unimportant, but I found relatable. I will say then that Harrison was lost, that her father was not a “guardian angel” but the object of her loss, and that we can all relate to that. Replace the father with a deep personal loss, perhaps that of a home, a job, a lover, a pet, a time in our lives, and imagine that you can journey back to it, that is how The Kiss becomes relatable.

Of course, most of us will not have taken the same route back, Harrison slept with her loss and well we know what happened after… but we all long to get back what we lose and seems untimely. Forging romantic ideas, looking for second chances, our journey begins much like Harrison’s, only that romantic for her turned into romance, and her second chance was more like a recipe for emotional disaster. I will not hate her for it, but make no mistake, even if I could I would not be her friend.

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